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January 2017: The Denver Aquarium

As with many new resolutions, you’re often left wondering where to even start. This can make progress a little slow at first. In January of 2017, we had been dating for just a couple of months and we were still getting to know each other and find our comfort zone. This made traveling to destinations that extended beyond the Colorado Front Range a bit more intimidating – cause let’s face it who wants to travel for hours in a car with someone they don’t know that well! But we were still determined to see our resolution come to life and we knew we had to start somewhere, so we decided to take a baby-step and started with a local destination.

After much deep thought and consideration (okay, maybe it really only took 60 seconds), we decided that our January Resolution Destination would be The Downtown Aquarium in Denver. While Corrie had the great pleasure of visiting the Aquarium once before, Cameron had never been and was just dying to go. So we decided that it would fit the bill for our first mini-adventure. And after driving with Cameron for 40 minutes, Corrie was just a bit relieved they decided to do something closer to town so she didn’t have to fear for her life any longer!

In a city as active as Denver, it is amazing how many things there are to experience. Having lived in Colorado for more years than we’ll count right now, we are still finding new things to experience constantly. The Downtown Aquarium is one of those places. Okay, so it’s a little cheesy, especially for two mid-thirties adults without children. And if you label yourself a “cool kid” you might feel a little intimidated. But lucky for us, we found out that we’re both into cheesy and don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. So it was perfect!

To start our aquatic journey, the first thing we did (after purchasing tickets, of course) was get our picture taken. Now here’s where you might want to bow out gracefully if you jan 1don’t like making a fool of yourself… because not only were we getting our picture taken in front of a line of people, but we also had to pretend that we were being attacked by a giant octopus that we couldn’t see. Note that in our final picture Cameron’s face is that of real fright – probably because of how into it Corrie got. Yup, nothing helps you to get know someone quite like seeing how they act towards a pretend attack octopus.

The Aquarium was also a good initial destination for us, because neither one of us were forced to make a lot of decisions. All we had to do was walk from one end to the other oohing and ahhing at the fish and other sea creatures. It was also fun for Corrie to go with a fisherman so she could look like a fool when she asked him what species “that fish” was and got a gentle, if not mocking, response of “that’s a trout.” And to mix things up just a bit we also got to experience the exciting and death-defying tiger exhibit. Yup, they have a tiger that lives in a large indoor habitat with rock walls and water to play in and we got to watch it take a serious nap! We know… you’re jealous.Jan 3

Of course, a trip to The Aquarium is not complete without a visit to the photo booth at the end for proper documentation. These, as well as the attacking octopus pics, were the first hard-copy pictures we ever had together. Awww!

The Aquarium is a great place to get to know someone new in a low pressure environment. But it’s not the most thrilling or adrenaline-inducing destination. Lucky for us, we have the ability to make most things fun just by being together!

Destination Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

What We Learned

  • DO: make sure to visit the shark and manta ray tanks. By far the coolest! And if you’re feeling particularly brave, sign up to take a scuba tour in the shark tank.
  • DO: bring ear plugs if the sound of screaming kids bothers you. Remember, it’s a family-friendly attraction, so lots of ankle biters running around!
  • DO: bring plenty of hand sanitizer for after you pet and feed the manta rays. If you start snacking on your popcorn and it’s tastes a little fishy, you probably didn’t sanitize enough.
  • DO: make sure you bring enough money for admission ($20.50) and to pay for all of the fun souvenirs and pictures.
  • DO: come with the mindset that how much fun you’ll have is all up to you and your attitude.
  • DO: take lots of pictures! No matter where you are or what you’re doing, we promise that when your mind begins to fade you’ll want the pictures and memories they bring with them.
  • DON’T: be a jerk. There are lots of people running around trying to look at everything. Be courteous of those around you. An elbow in the ribs is never appreciated.
  • DON’T: panic park. There’s a parking lot directly across the street from The Aquarium with tons of spaces.
  • DON’T: freak your date out by telling them that this is where you two should get married if it’s only your first date. Or actually…
  • DON’T: take yourself too seriously. Life’s too short to worry about what other people might be thinking about you.



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