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April 2018: Calhan Paint Mines

One part of Colorado that tends to get neglected by activity and adventure seekers is the eastern plains. Out-of-staters and residents alike often think the state is comprised only of mountains. The areas east of Denver might as well be Kansas. Admittedly, we tend to think that way as well because we are as in… Continue reading April 2018: Calhan Paint Mines

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February 2018: Colorado Wolf Sanctuary & Phantom Canyon

When the question of what to do for our February destination was raised, we both agreed to do some internet research and discuss it later after work. It took Cameron about ten minutes to excitedly text Corrie back and ask if we could go to the Colorado Wolf Sanctuary and Phantom Canyon.  Both of these… Continue reading February 2018: Colorado Wolf Sanctuary & Phantom Canyon

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January 2018: Glenwood Springs by Train

To celebrate living up to our 2017 New Year’s resolution we decided to keep it going in 2018. Well it wasn’t really a decision, it’s become an important part of our relationship and without a second thought we picked and planned a new experience for January 2018. January also happens to be Corrie’s birth month… Continue reading January 2018: Glenwood Springs by Train

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October 2017: Saratoga, WY

Back in May we had tried to venture up to Saratoga, WY to enjoy a few days hiking and relaxing in the hot springs. Unfortunately, our plans were thwarted by a spring blizzard and we were not able to make it (despite our best efforts to outsmart the storm). That made October’s Resolution Destination that much sweeter,… Continue reading October 2017: Saratoga, WY