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January 2018: Glenwood Springs by Train

To celebrate living up to our 2017 New Year’s resolution we decided to keep it going in 2018. Well it wasn’t really a decision, it’s become an important part of our relationship and without a second thought we picked and planned a new experience for January 2018. January also happens to be Corrie’s birth month… Continue reading January 2018: Glenwood Springs by Train

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October 2017: Saratoga, WY

Back in May we had tried to venture up to Saratoga, WY to enjoy a few days hiking and relaxing in the hot springs. Unfortunately, our plans were thwarted by a spring blizzard and we were not able to make it (despite our best efforts to outsmart the storm). That made October’s Resolution Destination that much sweeter,… Continue reading October 2017: Saratoga, WY