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October 2017: Saratoga, WY

Back in May we had tried to venture up to Saratoga, WY to enjoy a few days hiking and relaxing in the hot springs. Unfortunately, our plans were thwarted by a spring blizzard and we were not able to make it (despite our best efforts to outsmart the storm). That made October’s Resolution Destination that much sweeter,… Continue reading October 2017: Saratoga, WY

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May 2017: Saratoga Hot Springs

Springtime in the Rockies. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, new life blossoming all around and warmer temperatures…. Unless it’s May 2017, when Cameron and Corrie are trying to drive up to Wyoming for their Resolution Destination at Saratoga Hot Springs. Then it’s time for a blizzard! Months earlier as Corrie was doing her daily perusing of Groupon… Continue reading May 2017: Saratoga Hot Springs